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by beffon
Mon Jan 20, 2020 6:34 pm
Forum: Console Games
Topic: Valkyria Chronicles
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Re: Valkyria Chronicles

I remember once I made people who liked each other be together for long enough it would unlock me a bonus mission adding some lore about the group and unlocking potentials.
by beffon
Mon Jan 20, 2020 6:29 pm
Forum: RPG, Board and Card Games
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While my first answer would have been Stalingrad (turning the tide in the East was ultimately Hitler's demise), a close second for me would be the evacuation at Dunkirk. Had the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe coordinated an offensive in time, the entire BEF could have been knocked out of action and Bri...
by beffon
Mon Jan 20, 2020 6:25 pm
Forum: RPG, Board and Card Games
Topic: Paths to Hell
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Re: Paths to Hell

This has an awesome theme and definitely appeals to a certain kind of barbarian fantasy. That said, it's also absurdly overpowered. If you cut the hell form table off at hell forged muscles and kept everything else, it might drop to about the same power level of other barbarian subclasses. It has a ...

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