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New to CaveToKingdom, any opinions?

Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:18 pm

Hello, fellow gamers!

I am new in this forum but a big fan of mostly medieval strategy games. I’ve been searching for new friends to join me in this unique experience of the medieval atmosphere of a 3D-MassOnline-Strategy Game CaveToKingdom.

I say unique because I have been searching for various strategy games to try out and I stumbled across CaveToKingdom. At first, I was reticent to try it since it seems that it is still being developed and updated quite frequently, but I gave it a try nonetheless.

You start as a princess or prince, depending on your choice, and your purpose is to raise a new Kingdom from ashes. Pay attention to when you select your Kingdom's location as you cannot change it later on.

There are several missions that you can go through while playing which bring rewards: Place your Stockpile, Build your Lumbermill or just Cut your first tree and many more, which will guide and help you develop.

My first impact of the game was that it is slow to develop, but once you start understanding how it works, the time it takes to develop is something to be expected.

You can step up the development speed by charging your account but for me, for now, at least, I just enjoy playing at a slower pace.

The game is highly strategic, you need to pay attention when placing your buildings, the distance one has from the others or from the production site (the lumber mill, for example, needs to be close to the forest but also close to the stockpile). The distance between buildings influences the speed and efficiency at which your materials are transported and therefore the way to make more funds for the development of your Kingdom.

Once my kingdom is somewhat stable, I was thinking of working on my army, recruiting, and training soldiers in order to conquer others and receive taxes from them.

The atmosphere it brings impressed me with its uniqueness, as you can follow the builders and others as they do their job in real time. That is if you have the time. If not, you can just log in, give your orders and log off until the buildings are done. It does not consume in total more than 10 – 15 minutes per day.

The client is downloadable and it brings you to a 3D world placed in medieval times.

I wonder if there is someone else who had also tried the game, let me know how your experience was. Post your opinions in the comments section.


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