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Hello all, new member **Added TL;DR to the beginning**

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TL;DR - Can any of you experienced strategy gamers recommend any strategy games, either turn based or real time, with deep engrossing stories, and really good character development? Something along the lines of Mass Effect, in terms of quality, but it doesn't have to be space based. Thank you, in advance for any help you might provide!! Apologies if the original was too long, just trying to introduce myself to the group.

Hello all, new member here. I am a long time gamer, been playing video games since they first showed up at the local movie theater in the early 70's, with a couple of the very first games arriving being Space Invaders and Race Driver, a black and white racing game, which your car never moved, only the track did, and it consisted of small white pylons running on either side of your car. Also played my first computer games around 78-79 as well, playing Miner 2049er on the family Apple 2E (which my dad still owns to this day, and it still works). Long story but he used it every year during football season until just a year or two ago.

Anyhow, just wanted an introduction as well as having a quick question, so enough about all of that, onto my question. Given the many years I have been playing video games, I really stuck to a core set of genres, and never really branched out. A few of the genres that I neglected were strategy games (turn based and real-time), and RPGs. In the past few years, I have had more time on my hands to be able to play games, and decided to branch out some. One of the games I purchased was Halo Wars 2, which came with HW1, and also happens to be a Play Anywhere title (can be downloaded on console or PC). I jumped right into them, and immediately fell in love with the genre, having gotten upset for not having discovered the genre sooner, because there is simply a plethora of games out there from which I could choose. So, I went crazy, and purchased a ton of them, causing me to now have a massive backlog. But, hey, things could be a lot worse, right?

I have begun making my way through my backlog of games, both turn based and real-time along with some RPGs, of which I find myself enjoying real-time more. So, I have come here to ask all of you, those with much more experience with these games, to find out some real-time or turn based strategy games, new releases or otherwise, that have really immersive stories to them. Something along the lines of a Mass Effect or the like (not necessarily space related, just that level of story telling and character development). It might well be that in my game buying splurge, I may already have the game you mention, but if not, am certainly not opposed to buying more if need be. Are there any games that any of you believe might fit that bill? I have tinkered with several titles that I own, so far, but the only ones I have completely beaten the campaign in thus far are the two Halo Wars games, which I simply loved (preferred 1 to 2, but both were a fantastic experience), and I prefer to play them on PC for K&M controls, over the controller, however I have multiple platforms, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and a freshly built PC.

An aside, a few of the title I have purchased on the switch, like Civ VI, utilize the touch screen controls, which is a really nice touch.

Apologies for being long winded, will do my best to keep future threads and comments a lot shorter in length. Thank you all, in advance, for any assistance you might be able to provide!!

Cheers, next round is on me!!


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