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New Free Mobile Game - Save the Emoji

Fri May 25, 2018 7:04 am

From their humble beginnings as punctuation marks hastily repurposed to look like smiley faces, emojis have evolved to become a fundamental part of our daily communication. And when we say fundamental, the emphasis is on fun. Emojis may just be a way of getting your point across, but they’re also characters in their own right, brought to life in Save the Emoji, a cutting edge location-based AR game. The great thing about Save The Emoji is that the emojis are fully 3D, so that as you change your vantage point your view of the emoji changes too, as if it’s really in the room with you.

But Save The Emoji isn’t just about pointing your camera at surfaces around your house. The app has its own geolocation gameplay, so you can -- and should -- put on your shoes and explore the world in search of emojis to save.

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