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War Game Collection Available

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:14 pm
by richiegt
Hello all. My first post but I've been reading for a long time. I'm in my mid 50s and I have a decent size board game collection from the old days. Mostly SPI and Avalon Hill. I'm downsizing and won't have room to store them. I don't want to take the time to try to sell them on ebay individually.

Is anyone out there interested in old war games? Yes, I'd like a little money but if you could convince me you wouldn't just turn around and sell them I would probably give them away. I live in Atlanta, GA and I've Googled for wargame clubs in the area but have come up empty. I hate the idea of dumping them in the trash. I just brought them out of the attic and it's making me sad. SPI's Conquistador was a personal favorite.

Here's my list:

American Heritage​​: Dogfight, Skirmish

Milton Bradley​​: Axis & Allies, Shogun, Fortress America

Avalon Hill​​: 1776, Rise and Fall Of The Third Reich, Battle of The Bulge, Stalingrad, Waterloo,
1914, Jutland, Gettysburg, Midway, Air Force, Blitzkrieg, War At Sea, Wooden Ships and Iron
Men, Luftwaffe, Fortress Europa, Outdoor Survival, Starship Troopers, Squad Leader, The
Guns Of August, War and Peace.

Victory Games​​: 1809, The Civil War

SPI Games​​: Leipzig, The Franco-Prussian War, Starforce Alpha Centauri, Combined Arms
1939-70s, Conquistador, 1918, Foxbat & Phantom, The Starforce Trilogy, Armada.

Yaquinto Publishing​​: Time War

Metagaming​​: Stellar Conquest

Sports Illustrated​​: Go For The Green!

Unknown​​: The Hunt For Red October, Adverteasing

Re: War Game Collection Available

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:28 pm
by richiegt
For what it's worth, I got rid of all my games today. I made a little money and didn't have to throw them out. SPI Lives!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Re: War Game Collection Available

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:02 am
by mullersmutt
Hey Richie,

I came to this forum solely because I recently came into the possession of a large collection of the same types of games that you list, and I too am looking for any community of people who can lead me in the right direction in terms of selling them / making sure they go to people who want them.

If you get any information on any groups like this, I would really like to know. If you have any information, could you PM me? I'm not sure if I will make it back here so I think a PM will give me an e-mail notification.

Thank you!

Re: War Game Collection Available

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:29 am
by mrslartyb
Hi Mullersmut, I might be interested - depending on where you are located. Unfortunately I can't send any PM's yet as I only just joined the forum. failing that I am sure that a post on would generate a lot of interest

Re: War Game Collection Available

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:45 pm
by mullersmutt
Thanks for the reply! I ended up selling these all off, some individually and some as a lot to one person. It took some time and a lot of work to ensure completeness but I ended up getting a knack for it by the end.

Re: War Game Collection Available

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:36 pm
by mrslartyb
Oh well - glad to hear they found a good home.