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Many thanks EICJOE!

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Sorry if my comment sound like offensive.
I just mentioned Vietcong game as the article told so: "What are your favourite Vietnam War games?"
And you listed Arma3 Unsung mod, so I also mentioned that lot of mission with this mod is inspirated by Vietcong.
And I still recommend you to try it (not the sequel, but the first one).

And please: do a list about Falkland war games. It's more forgotten than Korean war.
I only know two gamers, but both are mod:
* a bunch of mod for Arma 2.
* "Ring of hill" mod for Heroes of Stalingrad.
Oh no it wasn't offensive, don't worry about it. Just trying to explain how we tend to approach these lists :) Yeah I'd be surprised if there's enough content to write up a list on the Falklands... maybe there's a TOAW scenario? Can look into it but we've got to round off the usual suspects first.

There is a very nice TOAW IV scenario for it. Handily enough called Falklands War 1982. It's not too complex either, so if you are just starting with TOAW it should be manageable.


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